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27 May 2018

Racecourse Time Race Distance Horse Result
14:30 Conditions
2000m Rappelle Moi (FR)
5  G   Slickly (FR) /
Rafale Bere (FR) (Verglas (IRE))
Breeder: Anton Krauliger
Owner: Schärer Andreas
Trainer: Kräuliger A.+V.
15:30 Handicap
1400m Rebelliously (GER)
3  F   Slickly (FR) /
Resaca (GER) (Touch Down (GER))
Breeder: Gestut Ohlerweiherhof
Owner: Kolozsi Ranch
Trainer: Jozef Roszival
18:00 4yo+ Handicap
2100m Dani Blue (FR)
5  F   Slickly (FR) /
Angelic Girl (USA) (Swain (IRE))
Breeder: R. Marot
Owner: Thierry MARECHAL
Trainer: E. LYON
14:25 Handicap
1500m Kuvasz (FR)
5  C   Slickly (FR) /
Bonilass (FR) (Fasliyev (USA))
Breeder: F. Bermudez
Owner: Cuadra Sian Ka''an
Trainer: O. Anaya
16:55 Conditions 4yo+
1600m Matey (FR)
5  C   Slickly (FR) /
Madeleine's Blush (USA) (Rahy (USA))
Breeder: Georges Sandor

27 May 2018

AARAU (SWI)27 May 2018

14:30 Conditions 2000m
Horse Rappelle Moi (FR) 5 G
Slickly / Rafale Bere
Breeder Anton Krauliger
Owner Schärer Andreas
Trainer Kräuliger A.+V.

BUDAPEST (HUN)27 May 2018

15:30 Handicap 1400m
Horse Rebelliously (GER) 3 F
Slickly / Resaca
Breeder Gestut Ohlerweiherhof
Owner Kolozsi Ranch
Trainer Jozef Roszival

LONGCHAMP (FR)27 May 2018

18:00 4yo+ Handicap 2100m
Horse Dani Blue (FR) 5 F
Slickly / Angelic Girl
Breeder R. Marot
Owner Thierry MARECHAL
Trainer E. LYON

MADRID (SPA)27 May 2018

14:25 Handicap 1500m
Horse Kuvasz (FR) 5 C
Slickly / Bonilass
Breeder F. Bermudez
Owner Cuadra Sian Ka''an
Trainer O. Anaya

MERANO (ITY)27 May 2018

16:55 Conditions 4yo+ 1600m
Horse Matey (FR) 5 C
Slickly / Madeleine's Blush
Breeder Georges Sandor