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16 December 2017

Racecourse Time Race Distance Horse Result
12:20 2yo Maiden
1900m Authorized Art (FR)
2  C   Authorized (IRE) /
Rock Art (IRE) (Rock of Gibraltar (IRE))
Breeder: Charles Green
Trainer: A. COUETIL (S)
14:15 Maiden
1000m Rubber Stamp (AUS)
5  F   Authorized (IRE) /
Arimanda (NZ) (Kaapstad (NZ))
Breeder: Bowness Stud
Owner: P J Hunt & Mrs J L Hunt
Trainer: Kate Goodrich
14:55 3YO Maiden
1000m La Matucana (CHI)
3  F   Authorized (IRE) /
La Pintana (CHI) (Indy Dancer (USA))
Breeder: Haras Cordillera
Owner: Pastito Verde
Trainer: Carlos O. Conejeros A.
        We are One (CHI)
3  F   Authorized (IRE) /
Triomphaliste (CHI) (Dance Brightly (CAN))
Breeder: Haras Casablanca
Owner: Gallo
Trainer: José Lastra B.
  15:19 3YO Maiden
1500m Danni Bella (CHI)
3  F   Authorized (IRE) /
Donna Bella (ARG) (Roy (USA))
Breeder: Haras Cordillera 
Owner: El Pillino
Trainer: Wilson Robles F.
  15:46 3YOC Maiden
1000m Agradecido (CHI)
3  C   Authorized (IRE) /
Danke Mama (CHI) (Dance Brightly (CAN))
Breeder: Haras Cordillera
Owner: Fredy Hidalgo F.
Trainer: Fredy D. Hidalgo F.
  18:46 3YO Maiden
1200m Ready to Run (CHI)
3  F   Authorized (IRE) /
Alto Parana (CHI) (Squire Jones (USA))
Breeder: Haras Cordillera
Owner: Melany
Trainer: Luis A. Díaz C.
  20:08 3YO+ Handicap
1200m Soy Molestoso (CHI)
3  C   Authorized (IRE) /
Pilares (CHI) (Indy Vidual (USA))
Breeder: Haras Mocito Guapo
Owner: Agrícola El Papelucho
Trainer: Juan C. Pichara J.

16 December 2017

DEAUVILLE (FR)16 December 2017

12:20 2yo Maiden 1900m
Horse Authorized Art (FR) 2 C
Authorized / Rock Art
Breeder Charles Green
Trainer A. COUETIL (S)

HEALESVILLE (AUS)16 December 2017

14:15 Maiden 1000m
Horse Rubber Stamp (AUS) 5 F
Authorized / Arimanda
Breeder Bowness Stud
Owner P J Hunt & Mrs J L Hunt
Trainer Kate Goodrich

HIPODROMO CHILE (CHI)16 December 2017

14:55 3YO Maiden 1000m
Horse La Matucana (CHI) 3 F
Authorized / La Pintana
Breeder Haras Cordillera
Owner Pastito Verde
Trainer Carlos O. Conejeros A.
Horse We are One (CHI) 3 F
Authorized / Triomphaliste
Breeder Haras Casablanca
Owner Gallo
Trainer José Lastra B.
15:19 3YO Maiden 1500m
Horse Danni Bella (CHI) 3 F
Authorized / Donna Bella
Breeder Haras Cordillera 
Owner El Pillino
Trainer Wilson Robles F.
15:46 3YOC Maiden 1000m
Horse Agradecido (CHI) 3 C
Authorized / Danke Mama
Breeder Haras Cordillera
Owner Fredy Hidalgo F.
Trainer Fredy D. Hidalgo F.
18:46 3YO Maiden 1200m
Horse Ready to Run (CHI) 3 F
Authorized / Alto Parana
Breeder Haras Cordillera
Owner Melany
Trainer Luis A. Díaz C.
20:08 3YO+ Handicap 1200m
Horse Soy Molestoso (CHI) 3 C
Authorized / Pilares
Breeder Haras Mocito Guapo
Owner Agrícola El Papelucho
Trainer Juan C. Pichara J.